Great quiet workspace with plenty of areas for seating in lobby, lounge, co-working area, and various size offices. 6-7 meeting rooms ranging from 4 to 50 seats can be reserved (free for members, hourly for non-members). Very fast "eFactory" wireless (100+), "eFactory-Coworking" wireless (250+) and even faster wired (gigabit) internet access.  Plenty of public street parking out front (Jefferson Ave) and surrounding streets . Monthly membership includes MSU parking pass for rear parking lot (via Boonville). Drop in to the co-working space on "Free Co-Working Fridays" or $20 any other day. Desks available for rent on part time or full time basis. Offices also available. Visit website or contact Paige or Rachel for more information.
405 North Jefferson Avenue
Springfield MO 65806
United States
Phone: (417) 837-2600
Internet: 262 mbps / 203 mbps / 23 ms