Mid-America Technology Alliance (MATA) hosts monthly Tech Group Leader meetings to help local tech-focused groups discuss activities happening in the tech community, and to encourage groups to collaborate, cross-promote, and coordinate efforts to build a stronger tech community.

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  1. Jason Arend (MATA)
  2. Scott Bratcher (Creatives)
  3. Jennifer Gruener (Splunk)
  4. Tylor Hindery (Startup Weekend)
  5. Jason Klein (AITP, H4G, AWS)
  6. Heath Rust (DreamIT, TIO)
  7. Dave Sharon (AITP)
  8. Deb Wilson (O-STEAM, Maker Faire)
  9. Beth Young (SpfdSec, BSides Spfd)

January Agenda

  • Recap 01/11 Girls Hackathon Competition in Bolivar
  • 02/08 Startup Weekend Springfield
  • 02/20 Momentum State of Workforce Luncheon
  • 02/28 Excellence in Technology Awards
  • February – LinkedIn Local SGF
  • MATA Updates
    • MATA Website
    • Hack 4 Good Hack Nights
    • Hack 4 Good Weekend
  • Group Updates
    • GDG Co-Coordinator
  • Review Annual Event List (attachment)

Agenda Discussion

Recap 01/11 Girls Hackathon Competition in Bolivar (Deb Wilson)

  • Dr DeClue reports two teams participated in this first year event.

02/08 Startup Weekend Springfield (Tylor Hindery, Heath Rust)  bit.ly/swspringfield

  • Most large sponsorships are filled. T-shirt deadline has passed.
  • Offering free registration to several groups. Tech Leaders can use Coupon Code “TECH” to attend for free.
  • 01/23 – Info Meeting for People Unfamiliar with Startup Weekend. Learn more about SW even if you aren’t able to participate yet.
  • Registration deadline 02/07
  • Shirts from Spirit Factory (Bairds) – Local

02/20 Momentum State of Workforce Luncheon

02/28 Excellence in Technology Awards  biz417.com/techawards

  • This event recognizes top individuals and companies in 6 categories through nominations, applications, out of area judging, and awards ceremony.
  • 01/18 Planning Meeting
  • Current Primary Focus – Sponsorships
  • Please consider recognizing and promoting any Category Finalists associated with your groups.
  • Tickets available ($75 each)

TBD – LinkedIn Local SGF  linkednlocal.com

  • Bringing the LinkedIn Local concept to Springfield
  • Organizers: Kirk Baumann (OHM) and Greg Johnson (Classy Llama)
  • Connected Kirk with eFactory to discuss facilities
  • More info to come!

MATA Updates (Jason Arend)   matasgf.com

  • Looking for Board Members – Community Outreach, Business Outreach
  • Looking for Business and Individual Member Support. See new website…

MATA Website  matasgf.com

  • Launching new website (https://www.matasgf.com/) to serve as central hub for local tech information and resources.
  • New Business and Individual Membership options are available. Learn more @ https://www.matasgf.com/join/
  • Watch MATA Slack for preview URL. Please let us know if your group is not represented correctly (e.g. missing, wrong page, suggest additional listings, etc) or you have any other feedback/suggestions.

MATA Hack 4 Good   https://hack4goodsgf.com/

Group Updates

Google Developer Group (Jordan McAdoo)   meetup.com/GDG-Springfield/

  • Jordan is looking for Co-Coordinator
  • 03/11 – Internet of Things

O-STEAM (Deb Wilson)   osteam.org

  • 01/31 Dynamic DNA w/ Austin O’Reilly @ Library Center (South Campbell)
    • Discuss how they incorporate art into their DNA products
  • 02/28 (Evening Time TBD 5:30-8:30pm approx) Dream Big Movie @ Alamo Drafthouse

Ozark Maker Faire (Deb Wilson)   theozarks.makerfaire.com

  • 10/05 Maker Faire Date Confirmed. 2019 theme is “Dream Big”

SpfdSec (Beth Young)   spfdsec.org

  • 01/23 (6-8pm) Social @ SBC – Emo10 Malware Family, Government Shutdown affecting NIST

BSidesSpfd (Beth Young)   securitybsides.com/w/page/131729835/BSidesSpfd%202019

  • 02/27 Logo Contest Deadline
  • Going to post some logo rights info and logo ideas to website
  • Call For Papers (CFP) opening in Feb 2019. Would prefer more local presenters. 50/50 mix last year.

Splunk (Jennifer Gruener)   bit.ly/sgf-splunk

  • Last Week – Great meeting, Great turnout
  • March @ Alamo Drafthouse – AI and Machine Learning. Latest version of Splunk ML Toolkit.

MakeIT Meeting (Heath Rust)   meetup.com/Springfield-MakeIT-Meetup/

  • 02/07 (6-8pm) Introduction to Textiles and Sewing w/ Jill Hodge (has sewing company)
  • Looking for a Committee Member. Watch for updates on website and Facebook.
  • April – Coffee Crawl Fundraiser. Two Weeks. Shops offer discounted/free drinks.
    • Last Year – Pay $10 for card. Shop pays to participate.
    • This Year – Pay $15 for card. Shops are free to participate.

AITP (Dave Sharon)   aitpozarks.org

  • 01/16 102 registered, 80 attended
  • 02/28 Excellence in Technology Awards
  • 09/16 Scholarship Golf Tournament

1 Million Cups (Nathan Gregg)   1millioncups.com/springfield

  • 02/13  5 year anniversary event with featured keynote Jack Stack – FREE

Springfield Creatives (Nathan Gregg)   springfieldcreatives.com

  • 01/17  Special Keynote event at eFactory featuring Joyce King Thomas
  • 02/20  Social Media as a Livelihood

Springfield Creatives Outreach (Scott Bratcher)   springfieldcreatives.com

  • Ability to attract talent and claim to be hospitable. Occasionally discuss disruptive technologies (e.g. Uber, AirBnB).
  • Springfield Creatives Outreach and/or MATA should send updates about these tech-related issues to memberships.
  • Serving on board for City Utilities (Bus, Water, Gas, SpringNet)
    • What does Net Neutrality look like for SpringNet?
    • Municipal Residential Internet issues such as legislative restrictions vs data becoming a utility
  • Interested in providing two-way conduit to City Utilities and City Council

Biz417 Think Summit   biz417.com/think

  • 01/18 (7:30am-5pm) @ Springfield Art Museum
  • 24 speakers discuss Springfield and surrounding region
  • Special guest speaker Governor Mike Parsons

eFactory   efactory.missouristate.edu

Review Annual Event List (attachment)

Adjourn 1:05pm

Save the date! Tech Group Leaders typically meet 3rd Thursday 12-1pm. Join the Tech Leader channel on MATA Slack! Request an Invite @ https://matasgf-slack.herokuapp.com

Next Meeting: Thursday February 21st 2019 (12-1pm) @ The eFactory – Reply to Calendar Invite: “YES” to sign up for lunch, “MAYBE” if you are bringing your own lunch.