Local software developers had been anticipating a large announcement from last night’s meeting of the “SGF Web Devs” user group. This free community Meetup has been hosting educational presentations related to website development every month for the past five years.

63 Developers RSVP’d to attend the SGF Web Devs Meetup on 09/04/2019 (Meetup.com)

The group did not disappoint. SGF Web Devs leader Myke Bates addressed 60+ attendees and provided a recap of their journey, involving nearly 500 pizzas to thousands of attendees over the course of their 59 meetups, before unveiling the new Springfield Devs group.

Myke Bates unveiling Springfield Devs to Meetup attendees on 09/04/2019 (Jason Klein)

Springfield Devs will broaden their content focus from “web development” to “all things dev”. Beginning next month (Wed. Oct. 2nd 2019), the group will introduce a new “Dev Night” format that features 2-4 separate talks. Each talk will be recorded and broadcast live for those who are interested in multiple talks or who cannot attend. The existing .NET User Group and AWS User Group will both host talks at the October Dev Night.

Myke Bates then explained that managing the monthly sponsorships and event costs has become more difficult as the group has grown, since he was handling everything from his personal checking account. The new Springfield Devs has been setup as a nonprofit and will be recruiting board members and volunteers to help manage logistics of the larger monthly events.

When fundraising and dues were announced, Myke was quick to reassure everyone that Dev Night would continue to be free to attend. The nonprofit is offering lifetime recognition to Founding Sponsors ($500) and Founding Members ($50) who are willing to help support the new group. Funds will be used to cover monthly meetup costs and purchase much needed items such as new recording/streaming equipment. Founders will be permanently recognized on the new Springfield Devs website and will receive other benefits such as shirts and mugs featuring the group’s new logo.

Springfield Devs is also organizing a new Method Conference, described as “The midwest developer conference that puts Springfield on the map” and scheduled for Thursday, March 5, 2020. Details about this new event will be announced at the upcoming Google DevFest Developer Conference at the Alamo Drafthouse on Friday, September 20, 2019.

Two new placeholder websites were launched in conjunction with the announcements. Visit the new Springfield Devs website (sgf.dev) and the new Method Conference website (methodconf.com) to signup for email updates.