Mid-America Technology Alliance (MATA) hosts monthly Tech Group Leader meetings to help local tech-focused groups discuss activities happening in the tech community, and to encourage groups to collaborate, cross-promote, and coordinate efforts to build a stronger tech community.


  1. Jason Arend (MATA)
  2. Sherry Coker (MATA, OTC CWD)
  3. Nathan Gregg (Creatives)
  4. Jenn Gruener (Splunk)
  5. Lorne Hazlewood (Cybersecurity)
  6. Jason Klein (AITP, H4G, AWS)
  7. Heath Rust (DreamIT, TIO)
  8. Deb Wilson (O-STEAM, Maker Faire)
  9. Beth Young (SpfdSec, BSides)


  • Recap 12/03-12/07 Computer Science Education Week events at Career Center
  • Recap 12/05 DevFest (Developer Conference)
  • Recap 12/11 CSI Springfield (Middle School Computer Science Day)
  • Recap 12/19 Springfield Creatives Yule Duel
  • 01/11 Girls Programming Competition in Bolivar
  • 02/08 Startup Weekend Springfield
  • 02/28 Excellence in Technology Awards
  • February – LinkedIn Local SGF
  • MATA Updates and Group Updates

Agenda Discussion

Recap 12/03-12/07 Computer Science Education Week events at Career Center

  • Organized by Cody Naeger at Missouri Job Center
  • Events intended to attract non-tech job seekers to entry-level technology jobs by addressing common concerns and fears about technology jobs
  • Cybersecurity Talk and Technology Roundtable both very well attended
  • Need to find ways to help Missouri Job Center get the word out.
    • Press releases were sent in advance, but media waited until day of event.
    • Ask people to share with anyone they know considering career in tech industry

Recap 12/05 DevFest (Developer Conference)   devfestsgf.com

  • First annual developer conference
  • Organized by Google Developer Group (Jordan McAdoo) and SGF Web Devs (Myke Bates)
  • Hosted by The eFactory
  • Funded by Google via GDG ($3K for Event Costs – Meals, Prizes, Audio/Visual, etc)
  • Developer Conference (9am-4pm) – 5 Speakers w/ Breakfast and Lunch
    • 9AM Breakfast
    • 10AM Intro To Firebase: Brenden Reeves, OTC Student
    • 11AM Augmented Reality: Charlie Rosenbury & Enoch Bradshaw, SELF Interactive
    • 12PM Lunch
    • 1PM TensorFlow: Jason Klein, Logic Forte
    • 2PM Flutter: Jordan McAdoo, StitchFix
    • 3PM CSS Grid: Myke Bates, Eagle Speak
  • Developer Competition (6pm-10pm) – 4 Competitors w/ Dinner
    • Ruby Fleener, The Alchemedia Project (1st place winner)
    • Levi Zitting, Mostly Serious
    • Jason Klein, Logic Forte
    • Jace Medlin, OTC Student

Recap 12/11 CSI Springfield    fwdsgf.com/event/csi-springfield-2018/

  • Middle School Computer Science Day organized by SPS (Maxcy Dimmick)
  • Hosted by OTC (Ozarks Technical Community College)
  • Career Fair and Lunch organized by MATA (Sherry Coker)
  • Moved from Jarrett Middle School to accommodate 2X attendance goal.
  • Student attendance increased from 80 to about 150-160

Recap 12/19 Springfield Creatives Yule Duel    facebook.com/springfield.creatives/

  • Holiday Party hosted at 4 By 4 Brewing Company (rental $400)
    • 100-120 attended
    • Second annual live design competition had 8 Contestants
    • Competition Theme: From Bad to Boujee (make a bad brand luxurious)

01/11 Girls Programming Hackathon in Bolivar    forms.sbuniv.edu/hackathon.asp

  • Organized by Gina Green and Dr Tim DeClue (SBU)
  • Please help spread the word. Schools can sign-up their teams online.

02/08 Startup Weekend Springfield (Heath Rust)    bit.ly/swspringfield

  • Judges, Mentors, Speakers arranged
  • Spread the word about Sponsorships (see attached flyer)
  • Need to spread word about event so people can save the weekend.

02/28 Excellence in Technology Awards (Jason Klein)   biz417.com/techawards

  • Reviewed list of category finalists (see attached)
  • Encourage groups to promote any members who are finalists. Help recognize best of technology in Springfield area!
  • eFactory plans to post an article featuring their clients who are finalists

February (TBD) – LinkedIn Local SGF

Group Updates

Mid-America Technology Alliance (Jason Arend)    facebook.com/matasgf/

  • Celebrating 10th anniversary this year
  • Recruiting Sponsors to support 2019 efforts and events
    • Advocacy, Community, Education, Legislative
    • CSI Springfield
    • Hack 4 Good Weekend and Hack Nights
    • High School Programming Competition
  • Recruiting open Board Positions for 2019 (Secretary, Marketing, Sponsorships)
  • Board Meets Monthly (1st Tuesday) 4pm-5pm @ The eFactory

O-STEAM (Deb Wilson)   facebook.com/OzarksSTEAM/

  • Celebrating 5th anniversary
  • 01/31 – NEW Quarterly STEM Nights @ Library Center
    • Meeting Agenda: 6:30pm Social, 7pm Speaker, 8pm Social, 8:30pm Dismiss
    • JAN – Science, APR – Technology, JUL – Engineering, OCT – Math
  • 02/28 – Dream Big Movie @ Alamo Drafthouse

Maker Faire (Deb Wilson)    theozarks.makerfaire.com

  • Friday 10/04/19 @ OTC – Maker 101 Class for Educators
  • Saturday 10/05/19 @ OTC – Maker Faire
  • Planning to recruit additional sponsors so we can make 2019 event free to public!

BSides (Beth Young)    securitybsides.com/w/page/116970567/BSidesSpfd

  • 07/13/19 Annual Conference @ Drury University
  • Logo Contest is open until February 27th! Voting in March. See Logo Contest page @ spfdsec.org/new-page-2/

SpfdSec (Beth Young)    spfdsec.org

  • Monthly Evening Social (4th Thursday) @ Springfield Brewing Company
  • 12/26 Hosted Monthly Meeting @ SBC
  • 01/23 Next Monthly Meeting @ SBC

Splunk (Jenn Gruener)    bit.ly/sgf-splunk

  • Bi-Monthly Lunch Meetings featuring Splunk Topics @ Alamo Drafthouse
  • 01/15 (11:30-1:30pm) User Conference Recap
  • Moved to Alamo in September due to capacity at Frisco Building.
  • We learned that Jenn is one of 60 Splunk trust members! She is one of only 6 women Splunk trust members.
  • Area Splunk Users include Bass Pro, Jack Henry, Springfield Public Schools

AITP Cybersecurity Group (Lorne Hazelwood)    aitpozarks.org

  • Monthly Lunch Meetings (2nd Tuesday) featuring Cybersecurity Topics @ eFactory
  • Free meetings open to technology community. Bring your own lunch. Focusing on Privacy in Q1. Meeting Topics–
  • 01/08 Philosophical talk on Privacy with Lorne Hazelwood
  • 02/12 Bob Graham speaking about Missouri Public Breaches in February
  • 03/12 VPN w/ Scott Crawford w/ Evangel
  • 04/09 Sarah Evans – Phone Carrier Privacy Policies

AITP of the Ozarks (Jason Klein)    aitpozarks.org

  • Monthly Lunch Meetings (3rd Wednesday) featuring IT Topics @ Hilton Garden Inn
  • Marketing launched a new WordPress website. Intention is to simplify event registration compared to old website (StarChapter) event registration process.
  • Q1 Topics Published on new website and Facebook
  • Monthly IT Leadership Group (http://aitpozarks.org/it-leadership) and Cybersecurity Group are both very active. AITP membership NOT required. Learn more on website.
  • Soliciting Sponsors for 2019 Excellence in Technology Awards (see attached)
  • Filled Secretary (Hollis Presley) and Treasurer (Bob Graham) positions for 2019-2020
  • Recruiting new Membership Chair. Randy Baker recently submitted resignation after changing to non-IT job.

DreamIT MakeIT (Heath Rust)    meetup.com/Springfield-MakeIT-Meetup/

  • Monthly Evening Meetings featuring Maker Topics @ The Library Center
  • No meeting 01/03 (speaker cancelled). Next meeting 02/07.
  • Speaker Idea – Christina Wilkins @ Pipkin Middle School
  • Speaker Idea – Deb Wilson has a suggestion she will send offline
  • Now collaborating with Springfield Tool Library – Makers can rent tools for free!

Springfield Creatives    springfieldcreatives.com

  • 01/17 Thursday @ The eFactory – Joyce King Thomas CCO @ McCain NY
    • New York ad agency. From Springfield. Spoke at Spin66
    • Campaigns include MasterCard “Priceless” and Staples “Easy Button”
  • SGFC board seats have been filled

The eFactory (Paige Oxendine)    efactory.missouristate.edu/events/

1 Million Cups (Nathan Gregg)    1millioncups.com/springfield

  • No weekly meetings over holidays. Meetings resume on January 9th.
  • 02/13 – Celebrating 5th anniversary. Hosting expo open for past presenters and community supporters. Keynote Speaker will be Jack Stack. First round of booths open to regular attendees. Second round open in a few weeks.

Adjourn 12:55pm

Save the date! Tech Group Leaders typically meet 3rd Thursday 12-1pm. Join the Tech Leader channel on MATA Slack! Request an Invite @ https://matasgf-slack.herokuapp.com

Next Meeting: Thursday January 17th 2019 (12-1pm) @ The eFactory – Refer to Calendar Invite: “YES” to sign-up for lunch, “MAYBE” if you are bringing your own lunch.