Mid-America Technology Alliance (MATA) hosts monthly Tech Group Leader meetings to help local tech-focused groups discuss activities happening in the tech community, and to encourage groups to collaborate, cross-promote, and coordinate efforts to build a stronger tech community.


  1. Jason Arend (MATA, Web Devs)
  2. Myke Bates (Web Devs, H4G)
  3. Scott Bratcher (Creatives)
  4. Sherry Coker (MATA, OTC WD)
  5. Kimberly Cooper (MATA)
  6. Sarah Evans (SpfdSec, BSides)
  7. Bob Graham (AITP, MATA)
  8. Jason Klein (AITP, H4G, AWS)
  9. Paige Oxendine (eFactory)
  10. Maranda Provance (WIT, Geek Fdn)
  11. Heath Rust (DreamIT MakeIT)
  12. Deb Wilson (O-STEAM, Maker Faire)


  • MATA Update (Growth, Changes)
  • Tech Community Booths – Maker Faire (08/25) and Tech IT Out Expo (10/25)
  • Hack 4 Good Weekend (11/02-11/04)
  • Startup Weekend (02/08-02/10)
  • Group Updates


MATA Updates (Jason Arend)

  • Leadership transition
  • Discuss programs for 2018/2019 (including workforce development initiatives below)
  • Encourage Tech Group Leaders to promote MATA Business Sponsorships ($500/year)
  • Emphasize MATA’s role as a Tech Council is embracing existing community organizations, resources, and events. No intention of replacing.

MATA – Local Workforce Initiatives

  • Sherry Coker
    • Aspire Youth Program, Week of Code initiative w/ Cody Nader
    • https://www.aspireozarks.org/
    • Need to identify path/curriculum to entry level IT jobs and continued education. Attract workers who would have never considered technology jobs.
    • Short Term Training Programs very popular right now
  • Deb Wilson
  • Sarah Evans
    • Educate community so they understand where they could expect to find jobs once they take coding or IT classes. Where would you work? What does it look like to work there?
  • Paige Oxendine
    • Rachel Anderson (eFactory) and Allen Kunkel (JVIC) are both on board with these type of programs, but Paige is not aware of any existing or independent programs.
  • Maranda Provance
    • Geek Foundation working on identifying or building curriculum.
    • Have heard very good things about Code.org free curriculum.
  • Continue Discussion in Slack Channel #workforce
    • Also invite: Jason Arend, Rachel Anderson

Tech It Out Expo

  • 10/25 Tech IT Out Expo RSVP (https://techitoutexpo.com/)
  • MATA Tech Community Booth
    • Promoting tech organizations and tech events not already represented at the event
    • Deliver your group’s promo info/items to MATA office by 10/23 (or bring to booth setup on 10/24)
    • Review Tech Group Brochure (https://goo.gl/GMVHua)
      • Contact Jason with wrong/old info/logos, missing groups/events, etc.

Hack 4 Good (Jason Klein)

Startup Weekend (Heath Rust)

  • 02/08-02/10 Startup Weekend 2019
  • Committee – We have 4 organizers. Looking for 2-3 additional organizers.
    • Need to attend planning meetings every 2 weeks and be available weekend of event.
    • Need to be able to help communicate updates to your group members.
  • Sponsorships – Looking for $500 sponsors and meal sponsors.
  • Creatives – 10/16 next newsletter. Can post request for assistance (Maranda)
  • Registration – $20 per person (refundable when you attend)

Group Updates

BSides (Sarah Evans)

  • 07/13/2019 Bsides Springfield 2019
  • Wanting to setup a non-profit for BSides. Need to decide non-profit type (e.g. 501c3, 501c4, 501c6, etc). Maranda offered to share her experience. Under $30K per year, EZ form $275 to file. Larger may need lawyer.

SpfdSec (Sarah Evans)

Geek Foundation (Maranda Provance)

  • Began hosting Girls who Code club (3rd-5th grade) at Boys and Girls Club (Sherwood).
  • Expanding to additional locations and age groups next semester.
  • Spreading word about Girls Who Code to area Public Schools
  • Maranda looking for list of teachers who have requested Code.org information. Jason Arend will connect Maranda with Code.org contacts. (Jason Arend)
  • Working to compile resources and curriculum for Geek Foundation website

Women in Technology (Maranda Provance)

  • 10/01 Coffee and Code @ European Cafe (women)
  • 10/05 Making Your Own Browser Extensions w/ Levi Zitting (all)
  • RSVP @ facebook.com/groups/sgfwit/

Springfield Creatives (Maranda Provance)

Springfield Creatives (Scott Bratcher)

  • Outreach Committee working to provide creative services to non-profits and startups.
  • SGFC members mentor students who work on projects in classroom setting.
  • Looking for instructors who may be able to adopt classroom projects.
    • Logo Design, Branding/Identity, etc
  • Republic Schools have “Genesis Hour” – Deb Wilson
  • MSU Capstone Experience in Public Affairs (1 credit) – Sarah Evans
    • https://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/catalog/genebacc.html
    • All candidates for any baccalaureate degree must have completed a capstone experience (the equivalent of at least three cumulative credit hours) related to the major.
    • The capstone experiences/projects/classes will be designed and approved by individual departments or programs.
    • Teacher can choose to add Capstone to their course. Students can request Capstone.
    • Does the Student have to pay for this credit?
    • Non-Profit (e.g. Springfield Creatives Outreach) can Coordinate through Public Affairs office
    • Check with Sarah for Public Affairs contact info? (Sarah)

Web Devs (Myke Bates)

  • 10/25 – Hosting Development Track at Tech IT Out Expo (Dev, AR, Image Recognition on Mobile, etc)
  • 12/05 – Web Dev Christmas Contest
  • RSVP @ meetup.com/sgf-web-devs/

DreamIT MakeIT (Heath Rust)

AITP (Bob Graham)

Tech IT Out (Heath Rust)

  • 10/25 Annual Tech IT Out Expo
  • 5 Speaker Tracks: IT/Cybersecurity, Software Development
  • Admission: Students $30, Professionals $50
  • ISACA CTF: Depth Security from KC – Leadership Board on Large Screen(s)
  • RSVP @ techitoutexpo.com

The eFactory (Paige Oxendine)

  • Lunch and Learn Events
  • SBDTC Fall Classes have begun
  • MDI Fall Classes have begun
  • Free Coworking Fridays @ https://efactory.missouristate.edu/coworking/
    • Free Day Passes for MATA Booth at TIO
  • FYI Client, User Group, Meetings
    • Working to Overhaul Processes and Operations
  • Expansions
    • MSU Mechanical Engineering upstairs renovation nearly complete
    • Planning to expand 8-10 offices and event space in undeveloped space upstairs
    • City Council recently approved major IDEA Commons expansion, including back parking lot becoming Parking Deck and New Building and JVIC Expansion and eFactory Expansion.

O-STEAM (Deb Wilson)

  • Represented Missouri at Nation of Makers Conference (June 2018)
    • We are 1 of 23 groups promoting Nation of Makers.
    • Nation of Makers definition of “Making” is the application of STEM fields
  • Working on NSF grants for Maker Faire
  • Working on School Maker Space Day

Maker Faire (Deb Wilson)

  • TBD – Maker Faire 2019 – Likely late September 2019
  • White River venue cost is based on food order and number of booths.
  • Currently looking at alternate venues. May be moving to OTC next year?
  • Hoping for 2000+ attendees. 2018 attendance was around 1200.
  • Looking for several tech-focused people to serve on planning committee

Annual Events – Potential Tech Community Booths

Adjourn 1:10pm

Save the date! Tech Group Leaders typically meet 3rd Thursday 12-1pm. Be sure to join the Tech Leader channel on MATA Slack!

Next Meeting: Thursday October 18th 2018 (12-1pm) @ The eFactory – Refer to calendar invite. RSVP “YES” to signup for lunch (no charge, provided by MATA). RSVP “MAYBE” if you are bringing your own lunch.