Foster collaboration and communication among leaders of local technology-oriented groups and events.


  • Jennifer Gruener, Splunk Group
  • Lorne Hazelwood, BKD, Cybersecurity Group
  • Eric Warakomski, AECI, ISACA
  • Nathan Gregg, Springfield Creatives President, Past 1MC
  • Tylor Hindery, Startup Weekend Co-Organizer, Hack 4 Good
  • Sherry Coker, MATA Board, Past MATA Executive Director
  • Heath Rust, MakeIT Meetup, DreamIT MakeIT, Maker Faire, AITP IT Expo
  • Jason Klein – Hack 4 Good, AWS Group
  • Dave Sharon, AITP President
  • Beth Young – SpfdSec, BSides


  • MATA providing lunch at next Tech Group meeting
  • Tech Community Booths @ Maker Faire (08/25) and IT Expo (10/25)
  • Hack 4 Good High School Contest (11/02) and Weekend Competition (11/02-11/04)
  • Startup Weekend (02/08-02/10)
  • Group Updates

Agenda Discussion

MATA providing lunch at next Tech Group meeting

  • 09/27 (12-1pm) @ The eFactory
  • NOTE: September DATE CHANGED from 09/20 to 09/27
  • Must RSVP for Lunch or BYOL

Tech Community Booths

  • 08/25 Maker Faire (Volunteer Signup @ https://goo.gl/4cXLRw)
  • 10/25 Tech IT Out Expo
  • Groups – Review Tech Group Brochure (https://goo.gl/GMVHua)
    • Contact Jason with wrong/old info/logos, missing groups/events, etc.

Hack 4 Good

Startup Weekend

  • Date Confirmed 02/08-02/10
  • Tech Groups – Please ask a leader from your group to assist with this event!
    • Need to be available weekend of event.
    • Need to be able to attend planning meetings.
    • Need to be able to help communicate updates to your group members.
  • First planning meeting was 08/22. Meeting about every 2 weeks.
  • Slack – Is there an existing channel or Slack Group? Unknown.
  • Background
    • Event Focus on Creation and Entrepreneurship
    • Eagle Speak was last team that won. Now an ongoing business at The eFactory.
    • Zapier based in Columbia MO is one of the largest Startup Weekend success stories.

Group Updates

Springfield Creatives (Nathan Gregg)

  • 09/19 – 5 year Event! Trivia Event about local agencies, 45 minute downtown sculpture/scavenger hunt
  • 10/17 – Client horror stories. Nightmarish clients.
  • Fall 2018 – Watch for a special event with Joyce King Thomas (e.g. MasterCard “Priceless” campaign, Staples “Easy Button” campaign, etc)
  • Facebook Events @ facebook.com/springfield.creatives

MATA (Sherry Coker)

  • Technology Councils of North America (TECNA)
    • Jason Klein attended annual TECNA Conference (www.tecna.org) in Des Moines IA (07/24-07/26)
    • View his write up comparing the Springfield technology community to other councils and description of various programs across country that might be worth considering for Springfield and/or Missouri: https://goo.gl/rdzuP2
  • Board Changes
    • Sherry Coker transitioned from Executive Director to Board Member due to time constraints related to new work position. Volunteer board members are sharing duties until MATA needs (and is able to afford) to hire a part-time or full-time Executive Director.
    • Several additional board members are being added in September. See current board members @ matasgf.com/our_board
  • Membership
    • Individual Members (free): 186
    • Business Sponsors/Members (paid): 12 in 2017, Goal of 15 in 2018
  • Ongoing Programs
    • Hack 4 Good High School Coding Competition
    • Hack 4 Good Weekend Coding Competitions
    • Hack 4 Good Hack Nights
    • Technology in Local Schools, with focus on K12 (e.g. CSI)
    • Promote 25+ Groups and 450+ Technology Events throughout year
    • Lobby for Education (e.g. CS in MO K12)
    • Support Tech Leaders and Tech Groups (e.g. Tech Leader Lunch, Group Resources)
    • Promote Technology Businesses and Events in Springfield (e.g. Planning New Website with Jobs, Stats, Ad Spends, etc)

Maker Faire (Heath Rust)

DreamIT MakeIT Meetup (Heath Rust)

  • 09/06 (6-8pm) – Drones with Aerobotics. FAA guidelines and regulations for commercial use and consumer use. Demo drones they have.
  • Meetup Page @ meetup.com/Springfield-MakeIT-Meetup

AWS Group (Jason Klein)

Python Groups (Jason Klein)

AITP (Dave Sharon)

  • 09/17 (8am-1pm) Scholarship Golf Tournament (aitpozarks.org/golf)
  • 09/19 (11:30-1pm) Anatomy of a Hack
  • 10/24 (11:30-1pm) IT Horror Stories
  • 10/25 (8am-6pm) Tech IT Out IT Expo (techitoutexpo.com)
  • 10/25 (time?) 2nd annual CTF Tournament

SpfdSec (Beth Young)

BSides Springfield (Beth Young)

  • 07/13/2019 (Tentative date pending Drury facility availability)

Splunk User Group (Jennifer Gruener)

  • https://usergroups.splunk.com/group/springfield-missouri-user-group.html
  • Every other 3rd Tuesday lunch (11:30-1:30pm) @ Alamo Drafthouse
  • 09/18 (11:30-1:30pm) – Office 365 cloud logging w/ Justin Jennings
  • 11/20 (11:30-1:30pm) – Phantom security orchestration and automation.
    • Phantom is 100% Python based. Cross-promote with Python User Group?
  • Splunk is very supportive. Covering food costs.
  • What is Splunk? Powerful log monitoring and correlating software platform.
  • Jennifer had been wanting to host group for past 3 years. Started group last month with 10 attendees from 7 companies.

Cybersecurity (Lorne Hazelwood)

  • 09/11 (11:30am-1pm) – Will take data gathered from BKD and Drury at August meeting and look at how to resolve issues.

ISACA (Eric Warakomski)

  • 06/22 – Great program from Springnet IPv6
  • Proposed – ISACA/AITP joint meeting? Connect Eric with Richard Reding. (Dave)
  • ISACA – Will check into funding MATA at $300 or $500.
  • AECI – Will check into funding MATA at $500.
  • She Leads Tech Initiative (https://sheleadstech.isaca.org/)
    • Have funding and resources available. Looking for a leader for this initiative. Does NOT have to be an ISACA member. Focus on Governance, Auditing, Insurance. See Power Point.
    • Open ended. Maybe meet and establish channels for mentorships? Maybe host meetings for students at colleges? SPEAK AT MSU AITP?
  • Students
    • Meetings open to students for free.
    • ISACA offers discounted student memberships.

The eFactory

Web Devs

Google Developer Group (GDG) – Cloud Next 2018 (Jordan Griffin)

Adjourn 1:05pm

Next Meeting: Thursday September 27th 2018 (12-1pm) @ The eFactory – MATA will be covering lunch if you RSVP, or you can BYOL.

  • NOTE DATE CHANGE. MOVED FROM 09/20 to 09/27.