Foster collaboration and communication among leaders of local technology-oriented groups and events.


  • Sherry Coker (MATA)
  • Jason Arend (MATA)
  • Paige Oxendine (The eFactory, Spin66)
  • Myke Bates (Web Devs)
  • Jason Klein (MATA/H4G, AITP/TIO, SGFC/Outreach)
  • Nathan Gregg (SGFC, Startup Weekend)
  • Deb Wilson (O-STEAM, Maker Faire)
  • Heath Rust (Maker Meetup, DreamIT MakeIT)
  • Bethany Young (SpfdSec, BSides)


  • New Robotics Group
  • New Google Developer Group
  • MATA Hack 4 Good
  • MATA Monthly Meetings
  • Startup Weekend
  • Ozark Mini Maker Faire
  • Open Discussion

Agenda Discussion

New Robotics Group launched in June!

  • Replaced Raspberry Pi group that stopped meeting in May?
  • Need contact info for Zach Allen (Heath Rust) DONE
  • Need to add Zach to group leader list and invite to meetings (Jason Klein) DONE

New Google Developer Group (GDG) launching in September!

  • Google just approved Springfield Chapter of GDG
  • Planning a mini-conference featuring Google developer topics this fall
  • GDG will join us and share details at July meeting (Jordan Griffin)

MATA Hack 4 Good

  • Launching new website this weekend (hack4goodsgf.com/)
  • Community Project Idea Submissions Due 07/12.Contact Shannon McMurtrey
  • Community Project Pitch Night 07/19 (6-7pm). Contact Shannon McMurtrey
  • Please share 07/19 Pitch Night FB event next week (facebook.com/hack4goodsgf)
  • Send Call for Projects flyer to Heath Rust, Jason Arend, Deb Wilson  DONE

MATA Monthly Meetings for Tech Group Leaders

  • Keep Lunch meetings? Can switch format to Morning/Coffee or Evening/Social if anyone prefers that?
  • No feedback/changes discussed.

MATA Monthly Meetings for Tech Group Leaders

  • MATA is planning to change focus of their existing monthly Idea Mashup meetings or drop them completely. Idea Mashups covered “all things tech” before Springfield’s vibrant user group community emerged, no longer relevant? Looking for topics/focus to supplement the existing Tech Leader meetings.
  • Comment – Do not host monthly meetings about meetings (e.g. these groups are hosting these meetings)
  • O-STEAM Interested in hosting quarterly meetings (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) that target professionals in STEM. Combine efforts? (Deb)
  • Move from monthly meetings to SCORE model. Help individuals/organizations get in contact with correct person, arrange meeting with certain resources (Heath)
  • Free Flowing Work Session (Myke)
    • Topic Idea – Discuss available TECNA Resources (Sherry)
  • Survey Primary Contact at each user group and ask what we can help with (Paige)
  • Mixer or opportunity for groups to come together twice per year? (Myke)
    • MATA hosted this several years ago. This format was one of our better attended events! (Sherry)
  • Springfield Creatives interested in bringing more design component to local tech events, including Hack 4 Good, Hack Nights, etc (Nathan)
  • Continue Bootcamp discussion?
    • Greg Johnson still interested in helping with this. (JasonK)
    • Geek Foundation may also be able to assist. (JasonK)
    • Need to determine what skillset/competency is valuable enough to teach in a 16-20 week course so that individuals can find local jobs for $15/hour or more. (Sherry)
  • Need to discuss with City of Springfield (Mary Lily Smith, Sarah Kerner) and Springfield Chamber (Ryan Mooney) regarding bringing jobs into our area (Heath)
    • They work together on a lot of things and also manage their own projects.
    • They do not focus on as many tech jobs and high end manufacturing as they want to. (Paige)
    • Refer to Chamber videos for “IT” “Healthcare” “Engineering” industries (Paige)

Best in the Midwest Summit (Sherry)

  • 06/28 Missouri to host regional workforce development meetings, statewide economic summit
  • Rob Dixon unveil key target industries they want to focus on in MO for talent attraction.

Startup Weekend – Status Update, Proposed Event Changes, Feb 2019?

  • Independent event vs Google-affiliated event
    • Sponsorships and registrations must be sent to Google account. Reimbursement can be slow.
    • MATA willing to make purchases and request reimbursements from Tech Stars (Sherry)
    • Need to verify we have access to all Startup Weekend SGF social accounts.
  • Event Timing
    • Winter months when people are stuck indoors.
    • Avoid Christmas Break, Spring Break, Finals
    • Accelerator Applications open through end of February. Host at least a week before this deadline!
  • Expand Event?
    • eFactory interested in helping coordinate multiple events per year.
    • Consider hosting additional events for specific demographic? e.g. High School, College, Women
  • Potential Volunteers
    • Heath Rust <heathrust@gmail.com>
    • Sherry Coker <sherry@matasgf.com>
    • Jason Arend <jason@jasonarend.com>
    • Myke Bates <contact@mykebates.com>
    • Jason Klein <jason.klein@logicforte.com>
    • Chad Carleton <chadmcarleton@gmail.com>
    • Nathan Gregg <nathansgregg@gmail.com>
    • Tylor Hindery <thindery@gmail.com>
    • Rachel Anderson <rachelanderson@missouristate.edu>
    • Paige Oxendine <paigeoxendine@missouristate.edu>
    • Jason Arend <jason@jasonarend.com>
    • Charlie Rosenbury <charlie@selfinteractive.com>
    • Cody Stringer <stringer.cody@gmail.com>
  • Need to identify potential dates. Consider these weekends?
    • 01/18-01/20 – MLK Day 01/21
    • 01/25-01/27
    • 02/01-02/03
    • 02/08-02/10
    • 02/15-02/17 – Presidents Day 02/18
  • Need to recruit potential volunteers. Find out if willing to help with planning/hosting.

O-STEAM (Deb Wilson)

  • 08/25 – Ozark Mini Maker Faire
  • Request for Technology Exhibitors– Asking businesses and hobbyists to reserve a booth and show off their local technology hardware or software products or projects. Visit website or contact Deb Wilson for details. theozarks.makerfaire.com

BSides Springfield – Cybersecurity Conference

  • 07/14 @ Drury University
  • Registration Full – 120 people
  • Speakers Full
  • Food Arranged
  • One vendor table remaining:
    • MATA invited to use this table to distribute tech group information (9am-4pm)
    • Print updated flyers and bring flyers to event (Jason Klein)
    • Volunteer to help with booth if attending event? (Jason Arend, Heath Rust, Jason Klein)
  • Looking for additional Sponsorships. Contact Bethany Young.
  • Need to send Press Release for BSides. Contact Bethany Young.

Web Devs

  • 07/11 – Special “Introduction to Web Development” covering HTML and CSS basics
  • December – Hosting large event with design competition. Will need to lean on SGFC for competition tips/info since they host a design face-off competition.
  • Need PR coverage for December event

Maker Meetup (Heath Rust)

  • 07/05 (6-8pm) – MakeIT Meetup hosting 3D Printing Workshop. Maker Geeks donating 3D printers and 3D filament spools for door prizes and giveaways. $10 registration for all attendees. Help spread the word! Contact Heath Rust for details.
  • meetup.com/Springfield-MakeIT-Meetup/
  • 08/25 – Ozark Maker Faire – Call for Exhibitors– Asking businesses and hobbyists to reserve a booth and show off their local technology hardware or software products or projects. Contact Deb Wilson for details.
  • theozarks.makerfaire.com/

eFactory (Paige Oxendine)

Springfield Creatives (SGFC)

  • 07/18 – Art of the Music Business
  • 08/15 – Accounting for Artists – Designed for all Freelancers
  • 09/19 – 5th Year Anniversary SGFC
  • 2018 – Joyce King Thomas
  • Send H4G call for projects, H4G call for designers to SGFC Communication Committee (Jason Klein)
  • Web Devs contact SGFC for help with new developer competition (Nathan Gregg)

Association of IT Professionals (AITP)

  • 09/17 – Planning Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament @ Highland Springs
  • 10/18 – Planning 10th Annual “Tech IT Out” Expo @ Oasis Convention Center
  • TIO Expo – Call for Presentations Open! https://techitoutexpo.com/
  • TIO Expo – Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration Open https://techitoutexpo.com/

Meeting Location Suggestions?

  • Vandivort (Nathan) – $75 deposit required
  • Big Whiskeys Battlefield – Terrible WIFI
  • Will meet at SBC in July. Still looking for ideas!

Group Leaders– Please join the discussion in the #TechLeaders channel on MATA Slack (matasgf.slack.com) Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to the Springfield Tech Calendar at Forward Springfield (fwdsgf.com) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders– Please submit your event feed to the website if your events are not appearing on the calendar.

Adjourned 1:05pm

Next Meeting: Thursday July 19th 2018 12-1pm @ Springfield Brewing Company upstairs meeting room. Save the date!