Foster collaboration and communication among leaders of local technology-oriented groups and events.


  • Sherry Coker (MATA)
  • Jason Arend (MATA)
  • Eric Warakomski (ISACA)
  • Bethany Young (SpfdSec) – NEW!
  • Scott Bratcher (Springfield Creatives)
  • Dave Sharon (AITP)
  • Jason Klein (AWS, AITP)

Upcoming Events

  • 07/14 BSides Springfield (Drury)
  • 07/18 Hack 4 Good Pitch Night + Hack Night
  • 08/13 eFactory Demo Day for Cohort 3
  • 08/25 Ozark Maker Faire (White River Convention Center)
  • FALL? Startup Weekend @ The eFactory — Paige reached out to past organizers (Tylor and Emerald Hindery)to begin planning. Waiting for response. Please suggest others who may be able to help organize this event if they are unavailable.
  • Facebook API changes affect FWD/SGF Facebook Integration. Details are not being auto-populated from Facebook events into existing placeholders. Fill out contact form on FWD/SGF if any placeholder dates or times are incorrect.

Updates and Discussion By Group

MATA Strategic Vision/Initiatives (Sherry Coker, Jason Arend)

  • Sherry accepted Executive Director position at OTC Workforce Development effective July 1st.
  • Due to time constraints with new position, Sherry is resigning as MATA Executive Director and transitioning to advisor on MATA Board. Still involved in organization.
  • Jason Arend (President) leading charge to recruit working board members to help with MATA vision/initiatives
  • Idea Mashup meetings on hold for time being. Planning to restructure and bring back meetings.
  • Working to identify which initiatives we will complete in 2018 so we can renew sponsorships and properly fund the initiatives.
  • Mission has not changed. Be connection to people and tech companies in our region. Can continue to be the glue.
  • UPDATE: Computer Science education initiative passed Missouri House/Senate.

ISACA (Eric Warakomski)

  • Confirmed ISACA should contact Sherry for educational opportunities for OTC instructors.
  • Shannon McMurtrey stepping down as ISACA educational director. New contact Mark Gartner?
  • ISACA “She Leads Tech” (Women in Technology) encourages female participation in governance and security. Eric referred Sheryl and Dawn to reach out to Sherry and Maranda regarding local efforts.
  • Next ISACA “She Leads Tech” event hosted in KC this fall.
  • ISACA State of Cybersecurity Report (https://cybersecurity.isaca.org/state-of-cybersecurity)
  • 04/05 – Hosted joint meeting w/ IAA at University Plaza. FBI from KC spoke to group.
  • 06/22 – Todd Christell (SpringNet) – IPv6 @ The eFactory (11-1pm)
  • Considering Topics including Social Media security, etc
  • CSX Fundamentals Workshop – Late 2018
  • CTF Workshop and Contest – Late 2018


  • ISACA purchased metal shelving from SAMS CLUB (Eric)
  • AITP will purchase shelving (Dave)
  • AITP will contact eFactory to remove eFactory desk/chair (Dave)
  • MATA has shelving that they will install

Speakers Bureau (Bethany Young)

  • MATA should create a Speakers Bureau.
  • On this date, I am looking for a speaker to discuss this topic. Someone could respond.
  • Develop slides so that whoever speaks has consistent slides.
  • Provide training to the speakers who are not comfortable speaking.
  • Being listed requires speaking and/or industry experience.

SpfdSec (Bethany Young)

  • Monthly Social w/ Occasional Program. If program, sponsor buys first round of food or drinks in exchange for a few minute demo.
  • 07/14 (9am-5:30pm) BSides Springfield. Free event, but must register. 19 of 120 spots remain.
    • Topics include Forensics, Tracking Malware
    • CTF Village (hosted by Dep Security KC)
    • Lockpick Village (hosted by TOOL Chapter OK?)
  • Struggling to get students involved.
  • Jason suggested partnering with ISACA to launch student Cyber Security programs at schools. Talk to AITP about the MSU AITP program for ideas.
  • Scott suggested talking to SPS Foundation regarding structured programs in schools.
  • Will be forming 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) entity in the future. Don’t currently have a way to collect money or deal with financials, insurance.

Springfield Creatives (Scott Bratcher)

  • Membership: 400 total (60% or 240 professionals, 40% or 160 students)
  • Meeting every 3rd Wednesday 6pm-8pm
    • 05/16 Meeting – Content Creation w/ “The Mixed Six” podcast
  • MATA should consider creating sponsor bureau.
  • SGFC connecting with Springfield Chamber and other groups to actively participate and collaborate with those groups. Please suggest partnerships.
  • Sherry suggested partnering with Spencer Fane for updates that could affect creatives, individual contractors, etc. e.g. Elizabeth W speak about employee vs contract labor
  • H4G and Startup Weekend need to prepare “ask” for SGFC members to be onsite to assist during event. Need to announce specific dates/times and type of assistance needed.

AITP (Dave Sharon)

  • Membership: 199 professionals, 30-50 students
  • Meeting every 3rd Wednesday 11:30am-1pm
    • 05/16 Software Defined Networking w/ Converge One (Luke Shepard)
    • 06/20 Cloud Related – TBD
    • 08/15 TBD
    • 09/17 Scholarship Charity Golf Tournament
    • 09/19 Cybersecurity Related – Dave/Richard will contact SpfdSec/ISACA for speaker ideas.
  • Working with MemberLeap to launch new website and mobile app. Currently working to secure website and mobile app sponsors to help cover initial/ongoing costs. These sponsors will be visible each time website or mobile app are viewed.

Group Leaders– Please join the discussion in our #TechLeaders channel on Slack (https://matasgf.slack.com/). Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to the Springfield Tech Calendar at FWD/SGF(fwdsgf.com) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders– Please submit your event feed to the website if your events are not appearing on the calendar.

Adjourned 1:05pm

Next Meeting: Thursday June 21st 2018 12-1pm @ Springfield Brewing Company upstairs meeting room. Save the date!