Foster collaboration and communication among leaders of local technology-oriented groups and events.

April Attendance

  • Chad Boschert (Python)
  • Jason Klein (AWS, AITP)
  • Shannon McMurtrey (AITP Cybersecurity, BSides)
  • Paige Oxendine (MATA, eFactory, Spin66)
  • Maranda Provance (SGFC, WIT, Geek Foundation)
  • Dave Sharon (AITP)
  • Deb Wilson (O-STEAM, Maker Faire)

Welcome New Tech Groups

Upcoming Events

Spread the Word! (fwdsgf.com/cat/annual)

  • 04/21 Cybersecurity and Ethics Symposium (Evangel)
  • 04/27 HackTheOzarks Student Hackathon (OTC)
  • 05/11 Spin66 (eFactory)
  • 05/14 eFactory Meet the Founders 4-6pm (eFactory)
  • 05/18 Technology Summit (JMARK)

April Agenda

  • Tech Group Updates
  • Hack 4 Good – Hack Nights (iPourLife App), HS Coding Contest Date
  • The eFactory – Cohort 3, Facility Use Agreement
  • Future Meeting Locations

Updates and Discussion by Group

Ozark Mini Maker Faire (08/25) (fwdsgf.com/get/faire)

  • Ozark Maker Faire ranked 24th in Nation. KC ranked 1st!
  • Too large for White River (~2000 attendees), but prefer their indoor/outdoor layout.
  • Moving high demand exhibits to classroom e.g. 3D Printers and Virtual Reality
  • Need to show more local tech at the event
  • Encourage eFactory Accelerator to participate and show off their apps (Paige)
  • Encourage Springfield Creatives to be involved in planning and organizing this community event. Meetings once per month until event on 3rd Tuesday 10-11am at eFactory. (Maranda)

ISACA (Shannon) (fwdsgf.com/get/isaca)

  • No major updates. Working on plans for another ​Cybersecurity Fundamentals course.

Hack 4 Good – Hack Nights (Shannon) (fwdsgf.com/get/hack4good)

  • New ​Quarterly Event
  • Purpose is to connect local devs with community projects on an ongoing basis (Help SGF, I Pour Life, Northeast Project, etc)

AITP of the Ozarks (Dave) (fwdsgf.com/get/aitp)

  • 04/25 (4-7pm) Tech Talk Social at Touch. FREE to attend for members or guests!
  • 05/08 (11:30am) Cybersecurity Group
  • 09/17 (8am-1pm) Golf Tournament
  • 10/18 Tech IT Out Expo!

The eFactory (Paige) (fwdsgf.com/get/efactory)

  • ​05/11 Spin66 w/ Speakers, Pitch Pit, Happy Hour — Please Register ($50)
  • 05/14 eFactory Meet the Founders 4-6pm (eFactory)
  • 08/13 eFactory Demo Day 10am-12pm (at eFactory)
  • User Group Facility Use Agreement – MSU drafted original agreement because User Groups needed to host meetings (and leave doors unlocked) when MSU staff is not present. eFactory is working on an alternate solution that involves staffing eFactory during first 30 minutes of meeting, and User Groups agreeing not to leave doors unlocked after that time.

Springfield Creatives (Maranda) (fwdsgf.com/get/creatives)

  • ​04/18 Learned more about SATO48 (http://www.sato48.com/)
    • Springfield And The Ozarks 48 hour Film Competition
    • Encourage community to get involved in this event!
    • Designers – Work with Movie Teams on Poster Contest
    • Designers – Participate in Logo Contest (new logo each year)
    • Movie Buffs – Participate in Selection Committee (rate movies, narrow selection)
    • Community – Watch 10 movies ($6) at Moxie on 04/26-04/29
    • Community – Attend awards ceremony ($6) on 05/17
  • 05/16 Mix 6 Podcast – Focus on Podcasts

Springfield Women In Technology (Maranda) (fwdsgf.com/get/women)

  • 05/07 Women and Minorities – Radical Candor (book by Kim Scott)

Geek Foundation (Maranda)

  • ​Boys and Girls Club – Program begins September 2018!
  • Outcome of meeting with Nixa Schools (Dr Stephen Kleinsmith and David Liss)
    • They have Code.org program in Elementary School.
    • They do NOT have current coding education at MS/HS levels. Working to change this.
    • Working on “Project Lead the Way”. Interested in “Girls who Code” clubs in MS/HS.

Python User Group (Chad)

  • ​Chad unable to lead group and organize monthly meetings due to time constraints
  • Contact Chad if you know someone who may be able to help organize this user group.
  • Suggestion – Bright Core uses Python locally (Maranda)
  • Chad is going to broadcast request to eFactory Slack, Python Meetup Group

MATA (Jason/Paige) (fwdsgf.com/get/mata)

  • MATA ​joined the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA)
  • Recently completed extensive strategic 2-3 year planning sessions
  • Sherry unable to lead group due to time constraints.
  • Board discussing new board member(s) and community partnerships to continue MATA mission and execute objectives from strategic plan.

Hack 4 Good High School Coding Contest (Jason) (fwdsgf.com/get/hack4good)

  • Coordinating Contest Date with SBU (Bob G)
  • Would like to coordinate with PaperWise/417 “Game of Codes” event as well. Contact? Erik W at PW (per Maranda)

SGF AWS (Jason) (fwdsgf.com/get/aws)

  • ​April was 4th meeting. Attendance stabilized around 12 per meeting.
  • Live streaming meetings. Positive feedback from online viewers. Myke and I both have similar broadcast rigs to assist with streaming events as needed.
  • Brew Co asked us to meet/broadcast from their location beginning in June. They now have faster SpringNet internet (250Mx250M), new WIFI hardware, new A/V hardware.

SGF Web Devs (Jason) (fwdsgf.com/get/webdevs)

  • Recently hosted Hack Night for User Group app. Hoping to launch app next month.
  • Still working on local Developer Conference in late 2018 or 2019 (Myke/Tom)

Missouri Career Center

  • 04/26 Up to 15 autistic individuals will be at an event to meet with potential employers or interested individuals. Can be great candidates for technology jobs.

Meeting Locations

  • ​Continue to rotate meeting locations. Will book May meeting at Springfield Brew Co.

Group Leaders – Please join the discussion in our #TechLeaders channel on Slack (https://matasgf.slack.com/). Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to the Springfield Tech Calendar at FWD/SGF (fwdsgf.com) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders – Please submit your event feed to the website if your events are not appearing on the calendar.

Adjourned 1:15pm

Next Meeting: Thursday May 17th 2018 12-1pm @ Springfield Brewing Company upstairs meeting room. Save the date!