To foster collaboration and promotion of local technology-oriented groups and events.


  • Tim Franklin, Gravitate Solutions — .NET Users
  • Eric Warakomski, AECI — ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)
  • Dave Sharon, Electronic Contracting Company — AITP (Assoc. IT Professionals)
  • Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious — Geek Foundation, Springfield Creatives, Women in Technology
  • Jason Klein, Logic Forte — AITP, AWS Group

Upcoming Events

Spread the Word! (fwdsgf.com/cat/annual)

  • 03/29 eFactory 5th Anniversary
  • 03/29 Game of Codes High School Competition (Biz417/PaperWise)
  • 04/05 FBI Cybersecurity (ISACA/IIA Annual Joint Meeting)
  • 04/21 Cybersecurity and Ethics Symposium (Evangel)
  • 04/27 HackTheOzarks (OTC)
  • 05/11 Spin66 (eFactory)
  • 05/18 Technology Summit (JMARK)

Updates and Discussion by Group

.NET User Group (Tim Franklin, Gravitate Solutions) (fwdsgf.com/get/.net)

  • 02/27 “Windows Azure” w/ Randy Walker from NWA
    • Speaker Tip: Randy and other MCP certificate holders are interested in speaking because it helps them maintain their MCP status.
  • 03/27 “User Experience Best Practices” w/ Tim Franklin
  • Looking for Topics, Speakers, Sponsors for May-Dec 2018
  • Needing to connect with Microsoft contacts (e.g. corporate or partners).

ISACA (Eric Warakomski, AECI) (fwdsgf.com/get/isaca)

  • 03/02 “Malware and Cryptolocker” had good survey feedback. Higher % of RSVP no-shows.
  • 04/05 “FBI Cybersecurity” is our annual ISACA/IAA meeting
  • Working to organize a Speaker Repository. Connecting with local businesses to request support of meetings, speakers for meetings, etc.
  • Upcoming “She Leads Tech” initiative. Each chapter has a liaison. Funding to help encourage more female membership and participation.
  • Working on EU GDPR Guidance (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • eFactory Shared Space (AITP/ISACA/MATA) – Will coordinate each group purchasing wire shelving for storage and shared circular table with chairs for meeting/workspace so space is more functional
  • ISACA CTF being discussed for Fall 2018
  • Will offer quarterly training sessions to earn CPE again later in 2018

AITP (Dave Sharon, ECC) (fwdsgf.com/get/aitp)

  • 03/21 “State of Cybersecurity” w/ Shannon McMurtrey
  • 04/25 “Taste of Telecom” Social at Touch
  • Excellence in Technology Awards Recap
    • Event co-hosted with Biz417 at Old Glass Place on Thursday March 1st, 2018
    • 70+ nominations for 6 categories. Judges scored nominations. Biz417 tallied results to determine top 3 nominations (including winner) in each category.
    • Need help encouraging more nominations next year!
    • Planning to make nomination and judging procedures more transparent. Good process, just needs to be published.
    • Planning to emphasize that nominee focus on application that judges are scoring, not just rely on nominations.
  • Excellence in Technology Awards Feedback
    • Positive – Well attended, Noticeable improvements
    • Negative – Cost too high ($75/ticket)
      • Looking at larger venues. May be able to have more people at lower rate cover cost of event?
    • Negative – Too few categories (6)
      • Event currently limited to 6 award categories due to publishing constraints. Biz417 only able to cover 12 category winners last year. By reducing to 6 categories, they were able to cover all 18 finalists in May print edition.
      • Consider having local groups sponsor additional award categories?
    • Reach more of the local technology community? Encourage larger companies to be more involved? (e.g. O’Reilly, Jack Henry, Bass Pro, American National, Health Medx, Netsmart, Intrinsiq, Expedia)

Geek Foundation (Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious)

  • Final Curriculum based on “Girls Who Code” (10-15 sessions one per week)
    • Mimics work environment. Begins with 15 minute standup.
    • Work on community-focused projects together.
    • Teaching soft skills.
  • Working with Boys Girls Club of Springfield
    • Looking for volunteers
    • Only takes 1 committed person to run an after school program
  • Approaching Nixa Schools
    • Contact Ron Duncan (XLT), David Liss (IT Admin)

Springfield Creatives (Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious) (fwdsgf.com/get/creatives)

  • 03/21 Meeting to review Vandivort branding, architecture, strategy
  • 04/18 Meeting focused on SATO48 (local film festival)

Women in Technology (Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious) (fwdsgf.com/get/women)

  • 04/02 Coffee and Code
  • Upcoming Main Meeting will be a Book Discussion

SGF AWS (Jason Klein) (fwdsgf.com/get/aws)

  • 03/14 S3 (Object Storage)
  • 04/11 RDS (Relational Databases)
  • 05/09 DynamoDB (NoSQL)
  • Attendance down from 30 at first meeting in JAN to 10-15 in FEB and MAR
  • Some confirmed they are not attending because event is live streamed.
  • The Pitch has been very accommodating. SBC is asking us to try their location now that they have SpringNet internet (250/250).

The eFactory (Not Present) (fwdsgf.com/get/efactory)

  • 03/29 5th Anniversary
  • Tim and Maranda both having trouble with eFactory key card badge. Dave will check his key.
  • Several discussed The eFactory Facility Use Agreement. Concerns about individual signing agreement because of liability clause. Jason will help check into this.

The following groups were unable to attend due to conflicts. Updates received via Phone, Slack, Email etc.

SGF Web Devs (Myke Bates) (fwdsgf.com/get/devs)

  • 03/07 Accessiblity on the Web
  • 03/25 Silicon Valley Watch Party
  • 04/04 API Productivity
  • Will resume work on Developer Conference planning in late April.

Mid-America Technology Alliance (Sherry Coker, Jason Arend) (fwdsgf.com/get/mata)

  • ​Sherry Coker is representing Springfield MO in Technology Councils of North America (TECNA).
  • 04/13 Hack 4 Good planning meeting
    • Tim would like for MATA to revive work on the iPourLife App (ReactJS)
  • MATA is looking for more ideas to promote Springfield MO Technology Community. Please send your suggestions to Sherry Coker or Jason Arend.

Old Business

Meeting Recording and Live Streaming (Myke Bates and Jason Klein)

FWD/SGF Technology Event Calendar for Springfield Missouri (Jason Klein)

  • Implemented search capabilities, ability to submit event feeds
  • Improved calendar subscription options (subscribe by category)
  • Source code available on GitHub (github.com/jason-klein/fwdsgf)
  • Working on draft of guidelines for calendar event content and formatting.
  • Future plans include subscribing to events by email, live Twitter feed of upcoming events and event changes/additions.
  • Would like to recruit several other community leaders to help maintain events. Contact Jason Klein.

Group Leaders – Please join the discussion in our #TechLeaders channel on Slack (https://matasgf.slack.com/). Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to the Springfield Tech Calendar at FWD/SGF (fwdsgf.com) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders – Please submit your event feed to the website if your events are not appearing on the calendar.

Adjourned 1:00pm

Next Meeting: Thursday April 19th 2018 12-1pm @ Big Whiskey’s (1550 E Battlefield Rd) upstairs meeting room. Save the date!