Missouri Job Center is hosting Week of Code (12/03-12/07) to attract more candidates to entry-level technology jobs. Their goal is to eliminate common barriers and misconceptions about technology jobs (e.g. How can I find out if I am qualified? How can I learn skills online? How do I get started in a technology career?). Cody is asking local professionals to consider volunteering to speak at their events and/or help with their coding labs.

If you are interested in helping with one of the following roles, please contact Cody Naeger.
• Software Developers who can guide job seekers through Hour of Code for 1-2 hours during lab times (12/03 9am-5pm, 12/04 2pm-5pm, 12/06 2pm-5pm, 12/07 9pm-4pm)
• Recruiting or HR professional who can guide job seekers through terminology often found in Technology Job Descriptions (12/04 2-3pm)
• Technology Educator or Professional who can guide job seekers through online learning options (12/05 2-3pm)
• Cybersecurity Recruiter or Professional who can talk about skills needed to get started in a Cybersecurity career.

View Event Details and Week of Code calendar (PDF)