To discuss activities happening in the tech community and to share ways we can better communicate what’s going on in each organization.


  • Jason Arend, Eagle Speak — MATA, SGF Web Dev Group
  • Myke Bates, The Alchemedia Project (TAP) and Eagle Speak — Springfield Web Dev Group
  • Scott Bratcher, Marlin – Springfield Creatives
  • Sherry Coker, OTC Workforce Development — MATA
  • Greg Johnson, Tech Recruiter — MATA/H4G
  • Jason Klein, Logic Forte — AITP
  • Mike LaPage – Raspberry Pi User Group
  • Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious — Geek Foundation, Springfield Creatives
  • Paul Rucker, PR SharePoint Consulting — SharePoint User Group
  • Cody Stringer, Mercy R&D — MATA, Spin66
  • Eric Warakomski, AECI — ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)

November Agenda

  • Event Recaps (ISACA CTF, Tech IT Out, CSI SGF, H4G/HSPC)
  • First Lego League Regionals (11/18)
  • Shared Storage Space for Groups (SGFC, SGF Web Devs)
  • Tech Group Updates
  • 2018
  • What can MATA do to help local tech groups in 2018?
  • Excellence in Technology Awards (03/01) – Nominations Due 11/17
  • Code Wars (March 2018) – PaperWise and OTC
  • Maker Faire, Tech It Out, Hack 4 Good, Other large 2018 events?


Event Recaps

  • ISACA CTF (Shannon McMurtrey)
    • 35 participants (8-10 pro). Would like to see more pro participation next year.
    • Looking to add a training option prior to competition next year.
    • Need to promote to web developers. Many developers would benefit from this, some may already know the material.
  • AITP Tech It Out (Russ)
    • Good feedback from everyone. Some date conflicts.
    • More attendees this year. More executives than usual.
    • Will avoid AITP lunch meeting day prior to TIO expo.
    • Really wanting the majority of sessions to fill the 200 seat rooms.
    • Interested in coordinating ISACA training with TIO sessions.
    • CompTIA would provide classes and CPE credits.
    • Non Profit – Avoid requiring $100 prize after $300 booth fee?
  • MATA CSI Springfield (Sherry)
    • Vendors participate for free. Gravitate, NetSmart, JMARK, VoiceXP, MATA
    • Bob/Bonnie from VoiceXP did great job speaking to kids.
    • SPS/Foundation funds program. Maxey coordinates event.
    • Between 80-100 middle school students attended. SPS limits to 100.
    • Host a MS/HS meetup that rotates among various schools in Springfield?
  • MATA H4G
    • Tentative Date: 11/03/2018-11/05/2018 (need to reserve The eFactory)
    • Media: Uneventful weekend = great press! KY3 Friday/Sunday and KOLR10 Saturday.
    • Already working to identify non-profit for 2018
    • Already working to find sponsorships for 2018. Need funding AND food vendors.
    • Moving website from WordPress to Square Space. Chad and Shannon are familiar with that platform.
    • Upcoming: Tana Angus and Eric from PaperWise – CodeWars competition.
    • Have HS/MS students practice and participate.

O-STEAM (Deb Wilson)

  • First Lego League Regionals (11/18) – Volunteers Needed (http://bit.ly/2i1lMDw)
  • Pop-Up Maker Fest (12-4pm) @ First Lego League (11/18) – Would like for 10 makers to participate and showcase their creativity. Email Deb Wilson to signup @ Deb Wilson <the.ozarks.systeamic.coalition@gmail.com>

The eFactory (Paige Oxendine)

  • Please let groups know we are open to working out storage solutions. Those I’ve heard back from so far (SGF Web Devs and Creatives) seem like they want to pass for now. If it’s the price we posed (20-50 per month) we can work to bring that down – we just threw out a number.
  • Let us know if The eFactory can help in any other ways!

Shared Space

  • AITP renewing office. MATA and ISACA continuing to share space with AITP.

AITP (Russ)

  • Excellence in Technology Awards – Nominations due tomorrow at NOON
  • Christmas Party, IT Executive Panel, Awards in March

Python (Chad)

  • Chad is looking for content for December and January

ISACA (Eric)

  • Blockchain meeting was well attended
  • Leadership conference in KC was great
  • CTF event went well.
  • Annual meeting on 12/18. Lorne Hazelwood will talk about Ransomeware. Executive Conference Center (11am-1pm). 2 hours CPE. Members are free, guests around $30-35.
  • Shared Space – Considering purchasing furniture to organize office (e.g. shelving, table/chairs).

Developer Bootcamp (Greg)

  • Prepare someone for developer job, even if they are unable to attend college.
  • Prepare someone to transition from another career to development (e.g. CPA to coding, IT to DevOps, etc)
  • Hosting roundtable to receive input from local software companies who are looking to hire.
  • Sherry suggested working with Tom Campbell at O’Reilly Auto Parts.
  • OTC may be able to assist with administrative side of the bootcamp (e.g. registering attendees, etc).

Planning for 2018

  • New events next year? CodeWars
  • What can MATA do to help groups or community? (e.g. comparable to “Build the Future”)
  • MATA may partner with JMARK to educate local businesses regarding technology (e.g. JMARK Trend Survey).
  • New Groups – IT Leadership, Springfield Sec, SGF AWS, Springfield Alexa Users
  • MATA coordinate filming and publishing all local technology events?

Group Leaders – Please join the discussion in our #TechLeaders channel on Slack (https://matasgf.slack.com/). Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to Local Tech Calendar (http://aitpozarks.org/calendar) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders – Be sure to post your upcoming events to the calendar!

Adjourned 1:15pm

Next Meeting: Thursday January 18th 2018 @ TBD