To discuss activities happening in the tech community and to share ways we can better communicate what’s going on in each organization.


  • Jason Arend, Eagle Speak — MATA, SGF Web Dev Group
  • Myke Bates, The Alchemedia Project (TAP) and Eagle Speak — Springfield Web Dev Group
  • Scott Bratcher, Marlin – Springfield Creatives
  • Sherry Coker, OTC Workforce Development — MATA
  • Greg Johnson, Tech Recruiter — MATA/H4G
  • Jason Klein, Logic Forte — AITP
  • Mike LaPage – Raspberry Pi User Group
  • Maranda Provance, Mostly Serious — Geek Foundation, Springfield Creatives
  • Paul Rucker, PR SharePoint Consulting — SharePoint User Group
  • Cody Stringer, Mercy R&D — MATA, Spin66
  • Eric Warakomski, AECI — ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)

October Agenda

  • Shared Storage Space for Groups
  • Group Updates
  • ISACA Cybersecurity Competition (10/25)
  • Tech IT Out Expo (10/26)
  • CSI Springfield (11/03)
  • Hack 4 Good Springfield (11/03-11/05)
  • Technology Awards (03/01) – Nominations Open 10/26

Welcome Tech Leaders

  • Jimmy Ledbetter – Co-Lead of Shop Talk for Technical Managers
  • Jordan Phillips – Co-Lead of Shop Talk for Technical Managers
  • Jordan Griffin – SGF Women In Technology
  • Mike LaPage – Ozarks Raspberry Pi User Group
  • Mike Shepard – PowerShell User Group
  • Nash Fritsche – VP of MSU AITP Student Group
  • Paul Rucker – SharePoint User Group
  • Dr Tim DeClue – SBU CIS Department Chair


Shared Storage Space for Groups

  • Springfield Creatives – Projector Screen, Cooler
  • Springfield Web Devs – Streaming Computer, Video Rig.
  • AITP/ISACA/MATA – Sharing Space
  • MATA – Chip clips, cooler, food supplies.
  • ISACA – Banners, coffee mugs, give aways. President going shopping for attractive shelving. Needs to be better organized and more attractive. Shelving all around room and table with chairs in center of room.
  • Maranda is going to meet with The eFactory to discuss. Electronic access? Other storage options?

Group Updates

Springfield Creatives — Scott Bratcher, Maranda Provence

  • Board of Directors – Looking for nominations or volunteers for 3 board seats before end of the year.
  • Outreach Committee – Looking to partner with other groups and organizations to collaborate on projects.
  • November Meeting – TBD
  • December Meeting – Christmas Party. Pixels of Fury. Two designers go head to head.

Geek Foundation – Maranda Provence https://www.thegeekfoundation.org/

  • Would like to serve at risk youth and women.
  • Going to approach Boys and Girls Club of Springfield.
  • Also working with Missouri Job Center. They can reimburse people for time they spend in training.

Springfield Women in Technology – Maranda Provence

  • Next Meeting – Panel Discussion: Hear each panelist’s Journey into Technology

Spin66 – Cody Stringer

  • No updates. Currently securing speakers for 2018.

Springfield Atlasssian User Group – Myke Bates

  • First kickoff meeting is tonight at Metro Farmer. 5:30-7pm
  • Meeting every other month. Unsure of future dates/schedule.
  • Products – JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, SourceTree
  • Demographic is likely project managers.

Springfield Web Developers – Myke Bates, Jason Arend

  • November/December – Group planning/design/coding of SGF Web Dev App
  • Intending to host larger annual Web Development Conference in late 2018 or early 2019
  • Growing the Web Devs organization and establishing entity in prep for conference.
  • October Event featured Mozilla. Great attendance. Great live stream.
  • Sharing live streaming information with other groups.

ISACA – Eric Warakomski

  • Regional Conference
  • Last meeting – Blockchain @ The eFactory. Well attended.
  • ISACA Cybersecurity Competition (10/25 2-6pm) – CTF (Capture The Flag) event. Registration limited to 50. Shannon says 38 registered as of yesterday. Professional and Amateur Groups. Free event. Software focused. Scanning, exploitation, pilfering. Giving away a Raspberry Pi 3
  • 12/08 – Ransomeware by Lorne Hazelwood
  • February – “Threat Intelligence” by a SANS speaker. Pull info from external sources and use to defend your network.
  • Membership @ 81

MATA Hack 4 Good – Greg Johnson

  • Hack 4 Good Springfield (11/03-11/05) @ The eFactory
  • Needing more event sponsors. Contact Sherry Coker for details regarding these sponsorship levels: $500, $1000, $2500, $5000.
  • Watch for Challenge Video. Produced but not yet posted.
  • Needing more teams to signup. Can provide discount codes if necessary.
  • Myke – Several from Web Dev group are completing 2016 project.
  • Student Pricing $10/person
  • Wanting one giveaway worth $100 from each organization or user group.
  • Recognized Greg Johnson for producing the excellent promo videos for this event.

Development Bootcamp – Greg Johnson

  • Working on new event with Springfield Chamber
  • 11/30 (7:30-8:30am?) @ The eFactory – Roundtable Discussion to gather input from stakeholders
  • Encouraging developers and employers to attend
  • Contact Greg Johnson <gjohnson@atrilogy.com>

AITP – Jason Klein

  • Tech IT Out Expo (10/26) – Expecting 800 attendees, 50-60 exhibitors, 25-30 vendors. View Schedule and Register online @ https://techitoutexpo.com/
  • Technology Awards (03/01) presented by Total Highspeed and Biz417. Hosted at Old Glass Place 5pm-9pm. Save the date! Nominations will be opening on 10/26 or 11/01. Simplified nomination process.

MATA – Sherry Coker

  • CSI Springfield (11/03) @ Jarrett Middle School – Over 100 students learning about careers in Computer Science. Have plenty of volunteers and job fair participants.
  • Working on programming for 2018. Idea Mashup attendance has been low in 2017. Trying to focus on specific topic/strand.
  • Working to expand website.
  • Working to expand value to sponsors.
  • Greg Johnson is producing videos for MATA. MATA has purchased lighting and backdrops. Greg is using Filmora to edit videos. https://filmora.wondershare.com/
  • Sherry/Greg – Showcase local groups and events on MATA website? Interview founders and feature/pan actual meetings?

Office 365 & SharePoint User Group – Paul Rucker

  • Welcome Paul
  • Paul has been leading this group for about a year.
  • Participants include Jack Henry, Guaranty Bank, O’Reilly, etc.
  • Attendance has been around 5-6 people.
  • Have been relabeling the group as “Office 365”. Previously focused on “SharePoint”
  • SharePoint beats Exchange Server as #1 server application from Microsoft
  • Show users how to easily build applications and link to Excel or Access. Easier than building in Access.
  • Eric asked Paul to consider speaking to ISACA in 2018 Q2. Securing SharePoint. Role management.

Raspberry Pi User Group – Mike LaPage

  • New Meetup User Group. Monthly meetings on 3rd Wednesday night.
  • Attendance 7-9 of the 80 members on Meetup
  • Working to grow to core group of 20 participants
  • Working to rename group to cover all single board computers (e.g. RPi, Arduino, etc) and robotics.
  • Sherry – Invite to talk about group at MATA booth at CSI Springfield.
  • November meeting – Hands on Project to build a robot

Tech Leaders Group

  • Scott recommends issuing press release to SBJ/Biz417/etc based on TLG meeting notes. Great source of upcoming events. Jason will discuss with Scott and media contacts.

Group Leaders – Please join the discussion in our #TechLeaders channel on Slack (https://matasgf.slack.com/). Not a member? Request an invite from Sherry Coker or Jason Klein.

Refer to Local Tech Calendar (http://aitpozarks.org/calendar) for event details and/or links to group pages. Group Leaders – Be sure to post your upcoming events to the calendar!

Adjourned 1:15pm

Next Meeting: Thursday November 16th 2017 @ TBD (South Side?). Save the date!