Join us for a special opportunity to get to know the five founders of the businesses making up The eFactory Accelerator Cohort #2. ( We’ll learn more about their business concepts (four of them are technology-focused startups), what they hope to accomplish during their time in the Accelerator, and the driving forces leading them down this entrepreneurial career path.


Apt Crowd ( (Founder – Chad Boschert ( is a solution focused text analytics company targeting engineering technical communities. They apply advanced text analytics algorithms that improve Q&A forum outcomes by connecting users with quicker answers, expert users, and relevant vendors.

Let’s Do Lunch (Founder – Hector Cruz ( is an effective and efficient way to strategically and intentionally organize all of the important personal and business lunches people should be having.

Pull Up A Seat ( (Founder – Camille Baker ( is a private community marketplace that allows people to find on-demand home cooking for anyone, by anyone.

Reaction (Founder – Stuart Emerson) is a mobile first survey platform seeking to make surveys quick and easy. Surveys take place in the store, on the customer’s mobile device, and offer instant savings.

Solely Jolie ( (Founder – Amy Blansit ( is a water-free solution to keeping makeup brushes clear and clean.

Thursday, February 16, 2017
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

The eFactory