Randall Sexton

How do computers predict the future? How are individuals and businesses using this artificial intelligence? How real is the idea of a self-driving car? Can AI predict a hospital patient’s likelihood of returning to the hospital after an illness? How about the likelihood of your car’s engine failing after just 50,000 miles of driving?

Join us Thursday, June 16, from 4:00 – 5:30 pm as we chat with one of Springfield’s top data scientists, Dr. Randall Sexton. Learn answers to the questions presented above, and what it takes for a neural network to be able to make predictions that have up to a 95% accuracy rate! What does it take to become a “neural network builder”? You don’t need a lot of fancy math…just a simple love for algebra can help you build some of the most complex neural networks around.

Don’t miss out on Randy’s truly fascinating discussion on a very trending topic…who knows? Maybe we can figure out how to predict the lottery….

Randall S. Sexton serves as a Professor in the Computer Information Systems department at Missouri State University. Dr. Sexton received his doctorate in management information systems from the University of Mississippi in 1996. His professional background includes software development, database, analysis & design, decision support systems and business process reengineering. Dr. Sexton has published in a number of journals, including Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, OMEGA, Informs Journal on Computing, Information Sciences, and, European Journal of Operational Research, Computer and Operations Research. Dr. Sexton teaches Systems Analysis and Design, Management Information Systems, and Data Mining Analytics.

June 16, 2016 at 4pm – 5:30pm

405 N Jefferson
Springfield, MO 65806
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